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Health News - The ketogenic diet sets a pleasing premise, recommending your meals are made up of 70 per cent fat, 25 per cent protein and just 5 per cent carbs. The idea is that when your body runs out of carbs to burn for energy, it will look for the next alternative fuel: fats. Most keto... Read more at www.tnp.sg

Low-carb, high-fat meals are totally possible while eating out at restaurants. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you stay in ketosis and not miss out on the fun.

Jenna James is showing off her weight loss after shedding 80lbs following the birth of her daughter Batel. 

If you happen to be a weight-watcher, you've probably already heard of the Ketogenic diet, one of the hottest diet buzzwords. The Keto diet encourages increased consumption of healthy fats, moderate protein consumption, and much lower intake of carbohydrates, in order to promote healthy weight loss.

Jenna Jameson is happier with herself now that she was 13 year ago, according to an Instagram post she shared on Saturday. She shared a photo of herself from 2006 next to a photo a 2019 pic.