1. Community clubs play a 'special role' in Singapore: PM Lee  Channel NewsAsia
  2. Community clubs have special role as second home to residents: PM Lee Hsien Loong  The Straits Times
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SINGAPORE: Community clubs (CCs) play a special role in Singapore as they serve the needs of the community and provide a communal space for ...

An isolationist US administration, a dovish South Korean one, and anger all round at who pays: rarely has the Washington-Seoul friendship seemed more shaky. For North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, seeking a BFF of his own, the stars have aligned

SEOUL - Chinese President Xi Jinping is highly likely to visit North Korea in April, followed by a visit to South Korea in May, the Korean Herald reported, citing South Korea's ruling party leader.. Read more at straitstimes.com.

Despite more than a year of international engagement and promises of economic reform by North Korea's leaders, the human rights situation in the ...